== Stargate BC305 Custom Design==


The BC305 is a variant of the BC304, it combines Human and Asgard technology, it uses 2 ZPMs and a new shield generator designed by the Atlantis team using some Ancient technology.

Tactical SystemsEdit


BC305 firing Nukes and Rail Guns

The BC305 uses a wide veriety of weapons including:

  • Rail Guns(Naqadah Enhanced)(8 forward and 4 aft)
  • Nukes(Naqadah Enhanced)(2 launchers)
  • Asgard Plasmabeam(4 forward and 2 aft)
  • Energy Pulse (Jaffa Design)(8 360 degree ventral mounted turrets)

The Shields are also upgraded using ancient technology, also powered by a ZPM the shield has a total capacity of 5,000 TerraJoules.


The Size of the BC305 is similar to the X303 Prometheus, smaller than the BC304 but only slightly larger than the X303. Its shape is Identical to the BC305 however the size is the only real difference in appearance.


An F302 over Earth

Other Tactical CapabilitesEdit

The BC305 has a significantly lower F302 capacity, only eight F302s can be carried by a BC305.

It also has a Modified Tok'ra Cloaking device for sneak attacks and important tactical missions.


The BC305 has a significant advantage over many other ships, its size gives it superior


An Asgard Warship, who's firepower is rivaled by the BC305

maneuverability to other, larger ships such as Wraith Cruisers or Hat'aks, and with its high weapons capacity it has firepower that rivals that of a significantly larger ship such as the Wraith Cruiser, or Asgard Warship.